Crude & Products



Key Element of Our Strength

Crude & Products is one of our core business portfolios which we have offered for over 50 years since our company establishment. With our incomparable networking with Indonesia stakeholders like Pertamina, our Crude & Products business continue to provide industry-led advantages in this area.

We can handle not only oil products but also non-fuel products at the same time. Please contact in case you need non-fuel products.


Items Provided for Customers

  • Indonesian Crude Oil
Oil Products
  • SR LSWR (SR Low Sulfur Waxy Residue
  • LSWR (Low Sulfur Waxy Residue)
  • LSFO (Low Sulfur Fuel Oil)
  • HSFO (High Sulfer Fuel Oil)
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
  • Naphtha
Non-fuel products
  • Others